Our goal is to improve your performance through our extensive network of internationally accredited coaches and sports professionals using the latest sports science and technology.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, PTS will help YOU improve YOUR performance with a proven scientific programme.

Our network of coaches and experts in their field will help you get the best results from your training.

We help you navigate the most efficient pathway to improve YOUR performance and achieve YOUR goals.

We provide structure and focus for your training to take you to the next level – whether it’s a basic guideline to get you going, or a customised package based on continuous assessment, PTS will adapt as you progress to greater achievements and loftier goals!

Why Performance Through Science

You want maximum bang for your buck in terms of time spent training. PTS will assign you a coach to provide expert guidance and advice based on your online assessment and real-time performance metrics.

Your coach will develop a tailored made plan suited to YOUR individual needs and goals to help you reach YOUR potential.

Our panel of coaches are overseen by AUS Cycling Certified Coaches

Our Vision

As experienced athletes and coaches ourselves, we analysed all the variables that influence your performance and created the most comprehensive online solution possible to optimise your results.

Our personalised training programmes tailor-made to YOUR individual goals and physiology, to expert advice on nutrition and race preparation, or exclusive discounts for leading sports brands, we’re always on the lookout for ways to give you that extra edge.


Training Methodology

Using a Periodised Training Methodology together with the Compensation Theory, programmes are built in blocked phases to clients’ specific and focussed needs. We call this Stepped Preparation.

Training plans begin with a period of capacity building– ensuring that all the energy systems are optimal, that the stress levels are low and that the body is ready for the stressors of a high intensity block

Our Membership Options

We offer tailor-made packages designed to suit your pocket and improve your performance.

Whether you are a beginner with no idea where to start, an intermediate looking to improve your times or technique, or even a Pro looking to podium, our tiered packages are guaranteed to take you to the next level.

Each package offers increasing degrees of coach interaction and professional advice, with the higher tiers providing superior body analytics testing and access to our network of experts