Bekim Christensen

Founder and Coach

Age: 49
From Denmark
Living in Girona since 2018
Professional cyclist 1999-2005
Professional triathlete since 2014
Cycling and triathlon coach

Bekim have been an elite cyclist since the age of 12 and a former professional cyclist. His biggest achievement was winning the team competition in Tour de France together with Team CSC in 2003. Bekim has participated in all major races such as Paris Roubaix, Milano San Remo, Ronde van Vlaanderen, Vuelta Espana and many more. Therefore, he has tons of experience to pass on and many stories to tell.

Today he is a professional triathlete and professional coach with more than 30 years of experience in training and has a huge amount of knowledge which he today passes on to his dedicated athletes both on amateur and elite level!

Bekim moved to Griona in 2018 and know every road for cycling and trails for running in and around Girona. Bekim is a kind, friendly and open person who know how to give bike tourists the best bike experience ever.