9 Day Fully Guided Cycling Tour

9 Days


Our 9 day tour is convincing- this is the European Mecca of cycling!
Everyday it’s different routes with a variety of terrain and nature that Catalunya is surrounded by! The Mediterranean crystal blue seas to the snowy Pyrenees mountains! On the bike you will feel safe riding on the many quiet roads with local guides riding in the countryside and through many small well preserved medieval villages!

This tour will give you the ultimate time to enjoy all the beautiful nature on the bike, and almost LIVE in this well preserved medieval city called Girona. Really experience history; local Catalan food; good coffee; cava and create new friendships!
This will be a trip to remember- one in which you will truly experience cycling paradise!

Extra Benefits

Included in our Tour

  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily Following Vehicle
  • Nutrition On the Bike
  • 1 x Massage
  • 2 x Yoga/ Pilates Sessions
  • Scicon Rain Bag( Worth €150)
  • Some PTS Goodies

Not included...

  • Flights and Travel Insurance are not included.
  • Meals and drinks are not included unless stated above.
  • Spares

Tour Itinerary

Distance: 630km
 Accent (Climb) 350m
After a long travel day- the Canet loop is perfect for the day of arrival in Girona, just to loosen up the legs.

It’s a short ride, but still has some small hills to climb. On this loop you will have a short glimpse of what the landscape of Girona looks like and what to expect of your stay in Girona. Small roads with no cars- all made for you. Beautiful views of the Catalunyan landscape and the route will pass just at foothills of Rocacorba

2:30 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 65km
 Accent (Climb) 927m ⛰Over the years, this ride has come to be known as the “Hincapie Loop”, after George Hincapie, one of many professional cyclists who has at one time called Girona home.

Starting at La Comuna, we take in Girona’s most famous road bike climb, Els Àngels, followed by some speedy descending, to the picturesque medieval village of Monells, with it’s beautiful cobbled square is a must. We continue on through some rolling terrain, then up the Santa Pellaia climb – popular among pro athletes because of its soft, steady gradient. Views abound, over the Gavarres natural park, on both climbs.

The descent from Santa Pellaia to Cassa de la Selva is fast but fun, and we come back in to Girona from the south, returning to the Barri Vell (Old Town)

Hincapie Loop

4 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 105km
 Accent (Climb) 1321m ⛰
Sant Hilari climb is very loooong, 25 km, but still easy with a average gradient of 2,6%. You climb to 820m, not exactly in the clouds, but it’s a stunning climb. The first 10 km are very easy, but as soon at you pass the small mountain town Osor it starts kicking in with a solid 5-7% for 7 km and then it flattens out again for the last part.
We love the climb because it offers great peace and beauty all year round. After Osor, the probability of seeing any cars is highly unlikely- making it feel like these roads were paved for you.
Who doesn’t enjoy a fast descent and some rolling hills back home into Girona


4 hours
Breakfast, Lunch
Day 4 :
Bon Mati

Distance: 53km
 Accent (Climb) 550m⛰
The Bon Mati loop makes a beautiful route for day 3. Essentially a  half day ride with easy and short climbs and a great view of the mountains. Like so many other routes in Girona and around Catalunya, there is very little traffic- giving you the feeling that these roads were made just for you!

It’s all worth it- view is indescribable. Panoramic.  On a clear day you can see all the way to the Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees mountains.


2 hours
Breakfast, Lunch
Day 5 :

Distance: 71km
 Accent (Climb) 1500m⛰
The ride leading to the bottom of the Rocacorba climb is a route of beautiful rolling hills, allowing you to save energy on the small hills which you will need for Rocacorba. Easily one of Girona’s best-known and toughest cycling climb. It’s not a steady climb, instead some very steep parts and then some flats.

The most challenging of the day will be mid way with a 3 km climb with an average of 10% gradient, and then again the last bit where it kicks in with a 10% gradient for the last 1,5 km.

It’s all worth it- view is indescribable. Panoramic.  On a clear day you can see all the way to the Costa Brava as well as the Pyrenees mountains.

3 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 113km
 Accent (Climb) 1700m⛰
The Coast loop is a definite MUST!
The route along the way hits the 10km climb of Sant Grau, reaching 8-9%gradient in some places. The highlight of this route is the descent along the coast with magnificent views of the Mediterranean sea.
Hitting the bottom of the descent, we ride along the coast towards Sant Feliu de Guixols, and stop at Dulce Pikika-a favorite place amongst the Pro’s in Platja d’Aro.
Our way home will pass the small climb- La Ganga, and then it’s Els Angles from the back.
The top of Els is the finish line- from there it’s only 15 km downhill home to Girona Bari Vell.

5 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 118km
 Accent (Climb) 1300m⛰

the Olot loop we will reach the doorstep of the Pyrenees Mountains. Olot is surrounded by a volcanic field, also known as the Garrotxa volcanic Natural Park, and is some of the most interesting volcanic landscapes in Europe can be found in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone

We start out at 120m altitude and reach 700m before descending down to Olot- approximate 500m. In the winter it can be pretty cold, but the view of snow on the top of the Pyrenees Mountains, you may quickly forget.

If the weather allows it, we will have a coffee stop in a small idyllic medieval village at the foot of the Pyrenees before heading back to Girona

5 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 120km
 Accent (Climb) 1900m
The name of this mountain is Mare de Deu del Mont, translated to English means “the gate to the Pyrenees”. It’s an iconic climb in the Girona province, and must be on any cyclists bucket list.

Just 10 km after we have left Girona, you will be able to spot a white building on top of the mountain peak that we are heading for.

The climb itself is like many other climbs in Catalunya very inconsistent, with steep and flat parts, giving you a few seconds of  rest before it kicks in again, with very steep sections up to 14%. It’s almost 19 km long at a 5% average gradient.

The view from the top is a spectacular 360 degree panorama view over Canigou mountain (2784 metres) in the Pyrenees- snow covered in winter. It’s a clear view to Rocacorba,  and all the way to the Costa Brava coast.

5 hours
Breakfast, Lunch

Distance: 97km
 Accent (Climb) 1054m
This loop takes you through the valley of Llemena, it’s picturesque scenery all the way- on quiet roads. At the end of the valley, we hit the small climb Les Encies, followed by a long and easy descent before heading up to the Susqueda dam.
The Susqueda Reservoir is located on the Ter river and the views along the dam makes the suffering up the steep gradients worth every bit of sweat and tears!

From here it’s easy, all about enjoying the nice descent back to Girona!

4 hours
Breakfast, Lunch


Can a bring a non riding partner....

Yes, we will arrange some entertainment for them while you on the bike that inlcudes walking tours and Food experiences.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

9 Day Fully Guided Cycling Tour
From €2,750.00
/ Adult

Bla bla

  • 772kms
  • 10,550m
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Included
  • Electrolyte Drinks and Bars included
  • Following vehicle for the duration of the Tour
  • 18

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